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The plug of national standard power cord should be pulled out in time after power failure

Is it true that the TV plug cant be Shared with household appliancesSuch "unnecessary action" may also cause some damage to the television.If feel close the power switch on the socket more troublesome British power cord, the user can also choose a special intelligent socket, after watching the TV must unplug the power cord plugs, national standard and the TV remote, set-top box remote control it to code, whether really need to pull the plug, so maintenance of TV is good or bad?Can't the TV plug really be Shared with household appliances? The British power cord, when you press the power button twice when you start up, the switch is only the connection line of

  • How strong is the load on the wire?

    What is a wire?Electronic wire is an abbreviation of electrical equipment internal wire, electrification is mainly based on weak current, with strong field of cable is different concept.How is the load of the electronic line calculated? 1. Load for electric wire:500v and below copper core plastic insulated wire is laid in gas, operating temperature is 30℃, and the load under 100% load for a l...

  • Power line enterprise latest marketing trend

    1. Diversified product marketingBritish power lines can continue to invent valuable content in a variety of ways.The best B2B professional content marketing techniques are social media, articles on corporate websites, newsletters, case studies, and BBBS and articles on other websites.By using one or more approaches, a company can build a positive image in the professional world.This trend shows th...

  • Inspection rules for finished power cord

    Double quantity shall be taken. Reinspection shall be carried out on non-conforming items, the samples shall be inspected for non-conforming power cord components, prepare the power cord components before production, and the sampling batch shall be one sample per 20km of power cord products. 100% inspection shall be carried out on non-conforming items.Lead all specifications of insulation core, op...

  • National standard power cord plug should be pulled in time after power failure

          In daily life, the girl USES hair dryer more, this is about to notice: when hair dryer is being used, because have other things to walk away (be like answer a telephone, somebody knocks at the door to wait), close hair dryer but conveniently go up on bench stool put aside, put aside for a long time, the high temperature of hair dryer casing may ignite combustible.In the use of...

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