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National standard power cord plug should be pulled in time after power failure


      In daily life, the girl USES hair dryer more, this is about to notice: when hair dryer is being used, because have other things to walk away (be like answer a telephone, somebody knocks at the door to wait), close hair dryer but conveniently go up on bench stool put aside, put aside for a long time, the high temperature of hair dryer casing may ignite combustible.In the use of electric hair dryer power failure, the switch is not disconnected, the electric hair dryer power cord is still retained in the socket, such as the restoration of power, long time heating electric wire high temperature will also cause a fire.

      In addition, when using electric iron, use personnel not to leave easily, the clearance that irons clothings, should erect electric iron place or place special electric iron rack, must not be put on flammable goods.Do not put the electric iron that has just been cut off carelessly, wait for it to cool completely before putting it away.When the thermostat of thermostat electric iron failure should be timely maintenance, otherwise the temperature can not be controlled, easy to cause fire.Electric iron cannot use the same socket as other household appliances, do not use it at the same time with other household appliances that consume a lot of power, such as electric cooker, washing machine, etc., in case of fire caused by line overload.

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