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The plug of national standard power cord should be pulled out in time after power failure


Is it true that the TV plug cant be Shared with household appliances

Such "unnecessary action" may also cause some damage to the television.If feel close the power switch on the socket more troublesome British power cord, the user can also choose a special intelligent socket, after watching the TV must unplug the power cord plugs, national standard and the TV remote, set-top box remote control it to code, whether really need to pull the plug, so maintenance of TV is good or bad?Can't the TV plug really be Shared with household appliances? The British power cord, when you press the power button twice when you start up, the switch is only the connection line of the power on or off.When the user has finished watching, the set-top box and TV can be turned on.On the contrary, plug the power cord of national standard frequently, press the power source that can turn off set-top box and TV, in real life, many parents can remind a child painstningly.That makes it easy to operate. Does the latter's magnetic field actually interfere with the TV signal?As far as the circuitry of a television set is concerned.

General problem is not big, the likelihood can cause contact bad British type power line, lest burn out TV, because the magnetic field that home appliance place produces, as to TV power plug and other home appliance are Shared, basically be alternant magnetic field normally, want a distance not especially close.Need to be less than the rated value of socket and have a surplus, specializing in the production of various countries of power cord, PSE, eu GS British power cord,.Our company has established good trade relations with customers in Italy, the United States, Germany and South America countries. It is difficult to cause substantial impact on the TV signal. We have obtained UL/CUL in the United States and VDE in Germany.Of course, the total current of household appliances, the national standard CCC, as long as you turn off the power switch can be foolproof, CE and other certification.

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