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1.jpg1.jpg  Technology and  equipment

Our factory owns strong technical strength and perfect testing means, advanced technology and complete production equipment.  


  2.jpgQuality and flexibility

In order to ensure full quality control for each manufacturing step, we apply internal vertical production from copper rod to cords.

The integrated process enables us to serve the market with the highest flexibility.

  3.jpgHigh attention in testing process

Lima has internationally recognized experience in the production of electrical cables and power cords with vertical integrated processes.

We pay high attention in testing process, such as cable structure, tensile load and elongation, flex endurance test, pull test and mechanical stress tests.

  4.jpgHigh attention in testing process

Lima always invested in technology and innovation to ensure customized, certificated and quality products. Our goal is to take the product from development to final approval as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This will provide our customers with immediate productivity and also with long-term quality advantages. 



Lima has experienced a complex industrial renovation, to optimize the productive areas and to reorganize and strengthen the sales network .Lima has improved its position in a competitive market of consumer and professional appliances, where the company intends to consolidate in the near future.


Lima always invested in technology and innovation to ensure cutting-edge products, certifications and quality, with a particular attention to use materials with low environmental impact.

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